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A travel podcast to help you decide where to go - and where ELSE to go. We feature destinations that you may never have thought of, along with new ways to experience familiar and favorite destinations. Join us for information about where to go for your next vacation.
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Jun 27, 2016

Welcome to the Where Else to Go podcast. Episode #16 features Elena Paschinger talking about where else to go - southern Brazil.

Elena is a tourism management graduate from Austria turned travel writer, teacher, business consultant and public speaker. She became totally impassioned with meaningful, culturally authentic, and engaging travel experiences after spending one and a half years living and working in New Zealand. Tracking the exponential growth of creative travel around the world, she has actively participated in developing and promoting creative destinations through her international consulting business. Her most recent achievement includes moderating an international panel discussion on creative travel and community development for the UNWTO United Nations World Tourism Organization at the ITB International Travel Trade Show in Berlin. 

When most people think about visiting Brazil, they think about Rio or Sao Paulo, but Elena advises us to head south to the cities of Porto Alegre and Florianopolis. It's about a 1:40 flight from Sao Paulo to Porto Alegre, and the same from Buenos Aires as well. Once in Porto Alegre, you can reach Florianopolis by another flight or a five hour bus ride.

Elena makes the following recommendations (click through the links for more information).

  • Porto Alegre Creative Travel platform, including travel tips, workshop ideas & video material.
  • Plaza Sao Rafael, a value luxury accommodation in Porto Alegre. This is where Elena did her dance & cooking demo.
  • Learn about the dish carreteiro de charque, the stone workshp, and the photo walk around Porto Alegre here.
  • Florianopolis restaurants are known for their excellent seafood, notably oysters, as well as for the daily camarao. Recommendations from Elena include: Rancho Acoriano, Barracuda Grill, Arante Restaurant at “Pântano do Sul” (at the very southern tip of the island city), and Fairyland Cupcakes.
  • Market recommendation:  Mercado Sao Jorge.
  • The Majestic, a recommended value luxury hotel in Florianopolis
  • Read more about Elena's experiences in Brazil and get additional recommendations here.

Follow all of Elena's travels on her blog, Creative Elena. She has also written a book, The Creative Travelers Handbook. You can follow her on social media:  Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and YouTube.

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See you next week when we'll be talking about where else to go - Rwanda.

Photo credit:  AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by Gustavo Facci

Jun 6, 2016

Welcome back to the Where Else to Go podcast. We took a brief two week hiatus, allowing some time to update our site and take care of other technology related matters.

We're back this week with a practical look at a country that has always fascinated me - Israel. My guest is Susan Schwartz, Managing Director at ConvExx, Susan travels to Israel frequently both with family and to visit family, and shares some recommended sites, dispels the myths of danger, and gets us excited about seeing this country so rich in history.

Thanks for listening! Remember, you can also find the podcast on iTunes, and while you’re there, please take a minute and leave us a rating and review. See you next week.