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A travel podcast to help you decide where to go - and where ELSE to go. We feature destinations that you may never have thought of, along with new ways to experience familiar and favorite destinations. Join us for information about where to go for your next vacation.
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May 16, 2016
Victoria De MaioWelcome to Episode 2 of the Where Else to Go podcast. Today I chat with writer and tour leader Victoria De Maio. So where else does Victoria recommend? Puglia, Italy. If you’ve been to other parts of Italy, or love the slow pace of the countryside, Puglia may be the perfect spot for your next vacation. La dolce vita for me sums up Victoria’s passion and love for all things Italian.   As a travel consultant, blogger, writer, and published author, Victoria loves sharing practical no-nonsense travel tips and insights as well as her own experiences from a personal and light-hearted point-of-view. Victoria offers boutique tours to Italy and published her first book, Victoria’s Travel TipZ Italian Style, which is available on Amazon. What’s on Victoria's bucket list? Spain, Portugal, and going back to Greece. Learn more about Victoria at her blog, PostcardzfromVictoria. You can find her on Twitter at @LaDolceVita4Me, on Facebook, on Pinterest, on YouTube, and on Instagram.  

Join me for episode #2:  

Where Else to Go:  Puglia, Italy

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May 16, 2016
Welcome to episode #4 of the Where Else to Go podcast. Today's guest is Billie Frank who, among the other many hats she wears, owns own a trip-planning and tour business. Where else does Billie recommmend? Santa Fe, the oldest capital city in the United States. Billie blends in the history, culture, and art of the city along with a healthy dose of food. She also answers the questions - red or green? If you enjoy traveling to experience art, music, Native American and Spanish Colonial culture, sustainable food, and outdoor adventure may find that Santa Fe is a great choice for your next vacation. Take a listen. Billie Frank is a freelance travel and food writer based in Santa Fe New Mexico. Her blog, Santa Fe Travelers, is a treasure trove of information on the oldest capital city in the USA as well as her travels beyond. She’s also the Santa Fe Local Expert for Billie and her husband Steve Collins own The Santa Fe Traveler, a trip-planning and tour business. You can find Billie on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. If you're enjoying this podcast, you can subscribe on iTunes. I broadcast a new podcast every Monday. And while you're over on iTunes, please do me a favor and leave a rating and review. This is a new show and your reviews help position us where others can see it.

Join me for episode #4:  

Where Else to Go:  Santa Fe, New Mexico

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May 16, 2016
Captain Rons   Welcome to episode #6 of the Where Else to Go podcast. I'm still not sure I have the hang of podcasting yet, but I am having a lot of fun talking about some great travel destinations with some great travelers. If you're enjoying the podcast, please take a moment and give us a rating and/or review on iTunes.  That simple little thing helps a lot in getting the podcast noticed by others. Thanks! Now, on to today's show on Marco Island, Florida. My guest for this episode is Kay Dougherty. Kay left corporate life in Boston for beach life in Florida and time to travel the world. She talks today about her current home base in Marco Island, Florida, telling us why it's a great where else to go spot for our next beach vacation. Kay says there are all kinds of things to do on Marco Island - many involving water activities. You can charter boats for pleasure or deep sea-fishing trips. Take day trips to see dolphins, go shelling or to see the sunset or just to explore the 10,000 Islands. There's a ferry to Key West. One thing she's looking forward to doing is taking a seaplane to Key West with  Salt Island Seaplanes (out of Naples). Marco is a good place for adults only or families (not so much for singles or solo travelers). Lots of free activities - music concerts in the park, two beautiful public beacheas, weekly farmers' market, art shows, etc. A really fun thing to do is to go jet-skiiing in the 10,000 Islands with Captain Ron's Everglades Jet Ski Tours.  There's an excellent small local museum about the history of the island. Marco is very low key, the complete opposite of the east coast of Florida. If you're looking for a low key getaway, Marco Island may be the perfect spot for your next beach vacation. If you want you learn more about Kay you can follow her on Blonde Brunette travel, a humorous travel blog primarily about international travel with her sister. All continents, cultures, means of travel and experience are considered, explored, critiqued and found to have some humore in them. Kay shares useful information and honest opinions; if she can get you to snort a drink out your nose over something she's written, she considers it the ultimate compliment. You can also connect with Kay on social media:  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest. Be sure to join us next week when we visit another island, Kauai. [app_audio src=""]
May 16, 2016
Galapagos with Ecoventura Thanks so much for joining me for Episode #8 of the Where Else to Go Podcast. We're on an island theme right now, having already covered Marco Island, Florida and Lihue, Hawaii. This week we're off to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands with Cheryl and Lisa of What Boundaries Travel Media. The Galapagos Islands recently made the top of Cheryl and Lisa's favorite travel destination after a recent trip to the islands. Getting so close to the flora and fauna of the islands made them feel like they were taking a step back in time. The animals have no fear of humans so they really had a chance to see them in their real habitat.  And they add, "One of the highlights was when we snorkeled with the sea lions - they would always come play with us!" You might think that getting to the Galapagos Islands is too great of a challenge to get to and to see the islands because of the restrictions. However, it's an amazing experience to see the animals up close since they have no fear of humans.   You will see some amazing land animals like the land iguana or Galapagos Tortoise, land birds like the Blue Footed Booby, and in the water you will swim with seals and an occasional penguin at the Equator!South There are many options on how to experience the Galapagos. You can fly into one of the main islands like San Cristobal and make it your home base while planning day trips to the various islands, or you can opt to take a luxury tour with a group like Ecoventura where your yacht is the “home base” and you travel between the islands with a stop at a different island every day.  It surprisingly easy to get to the islands - there are many flights through Panama or even directly into Ecuador (another beautiful place), then it’s just a quick flight out to the islands.
Chery and Lisa started traveling pretty much full time in 2007 after leaving corporate jobs and have since visited 6 continents with sights on Antarctica to hit their goal of all 7.
Cheryl and Lisa keep busy traveling and writing for their their three blogs:   WhatBoundariesTravel, TheTravelPharmacist, and coming soon, the FloridaSpectator. Their focus is on Gen X and Boomer travel with a goal to provide travel inspiration to their readers.  They sum it up simply, "We love to travel and even more, love to share our experiences with others so they feel more comfortable traveling." Take a listen to learn why the Galapagos Island should be on your where else to go list. Then follow Cheryl and Lisa on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and YouTube. If you've enjoyed this podcast, you can subscribe on iTunes. While you're over there, please take a moment and leave us a rating or review. That helps this very new podcast get discovered by others. See you next week when we we'll be talking about Venice, Italy. [app_audio src=""]
May 16, 2016
onsen-7 Welcome to episode #14 of the Where Else to Go podcast. We've just hit the three month mark for the podcast, and I thank all of you - friends, guests, and listeners - who've helped me nurture this podcast from idea to reality. My guest today is Ramona Flume. Ramona and I traveled together to Japan a couple months ago, and I've been looking forward to having her on the show.  We're going to talk about the very Japanese tradition and experience of the onsen (bath). There are thousands of onsens around Japan and they are play an important part in Japanese tourism. The word onsen originally referred to hot springs and, by law, must include water that contains one of the designated chemical elements and have a temperature of at least 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of its mineral content, the water is often believed to have healing powers. I can't imagine a visit to Japan that doesn't include a visit (or several visits) to an onsen, and I hope this episode, and Ramona's tips, help get you ready for this where else to go experience. Some information referenced in this episode: Ramona is a freelance writer and editor, contributing travel and cultural content for national magazines, newspapers, and websites. You can find more about her work on her website, She is also the co-creator of Loti, a new travel journal and global marketplace supporting independent artists around the world. Thanks for listening! Remember, you can also find the podcast on iTunes, and while you're there, please take a minute and leave us a rating and review. See you next week. Photo courtesy of Ramona Flume. [app_audio src=""]